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The Multi Poster


An isolated Black Deaf woman has constructed a world of order to keep a childhood trauma buried deep in her psyche, then an unexpected turn of events forces her to confront her demons from the past who threaten to destroy everything she has built as she tries to keep control of her life before it’s too late.

Director       Storm Smith 

Starring       Natasha Ofili, Jonah Platt, Lakeishia Grant

Genre          Slow Burn|Drama


The Multi has premiered at 12 film festivals during the 2022 circuit, including Slamdance Film Festival, Toronto Black Film Festival (Canadian Screen Qualifying), ReelAbilites NY, ReelAbilities Toronto, and the LA Shorts International Film Festival (Oscars, BAFTA & Canadian Screen Qualifying). It was also shown at the British Film Institute (BFI) during the Busting the Bias event in December 2021.

The short film is currently being expanded into a feature film. If you want to work on the feature film, please get in touch with Natasha at

The Window_5_edited.jpg


he Window is a 4-act play about a unique love story of two teenagers who found love through The Window. NIOVISION co-produced the staged workshop in partnership with WACO Theatre and Deaf West Theatre in May 2023. Following the staged workshop, the goal is for the play to become a 99-seat equity production in 2024.

Director     Melissa Coleman-Reed 

Starring     Natasha Ofili, Jamie Nieto

Genre        Drama | Art House

Am I Next poster.png


The "AM I NEXT?" exhibit will educate students, faculty, staff, visitors, scholars, and community members on the history, struggles, and successes of Black Deaf Lives, aligning with the present Black Lives Matter movement. Gallaudet selected one component out of the eight components created by Natasha Ofili and Storm Smith to display at the Gallaudet campus. The sculpture will be revealed in the fall of 2023. 

Curators      Natasha Ofili, Storm Smith

Where         Gallaudet University 

When          Fall 2023

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