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Introducing NIOVISION.

Let’s start with the basics. NIO is my initials: Natasha Ifeanyi Ofili. Although people know me as Natasha Ofili, I added my middle name initial “I” because it has a symbolic meaning to me. Ifeanyi means “Nothing is Impossible” in Nigerian.  “Vision” is my love, pain, hopes, and truths of humanity shared through the power of storytelling.  Here is NIOVISION.

What is NIOVISION Multimedia Productions?

Content creation and production of stories for television, film & theatre that advance social justice and equitable opportunities for marginalized communities.

NIOVISION is here to:

  1. Write and produce film, television, playwright and multi-media content.

  2. License scripts for featured films, short films, television series, and plays.

  3. Collaborate with writers, producers, production companies, and directors on projects.

  4. Model story authenticity by showcasing authentic representations.

  5. Share stories of human beings who are not seen.

  6. Shatter barriers for disability, racial minorities, and other marginalized communities to produce beautiful stories that we can all enjoy while sitting on a couch, at a movie theatre, playhouse, etc.

  7. Create a collaborative space for Deaf/Hard of Hearing, Disabled, Hearing and non-disabled crew and actors to work together to bring unique stories to life.


Purpose | Mission | Vision  

Storytelling is the best way to showcase the diverse yet common experiences of humanity, and spark conservations at the dinner table, inspire art, and raise awareness of layers of issues we endure as individuals and in the world.

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