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THE WINDOW staged workshop, produced by WACO + NIOVISION + DWT.

The Window Staged Workshop Facts:

  • Natasha Ofili’s first play that she wrote and first time producing a staged theatre workshop under NIOVISION (2nd project produced; The Multi was the 1st)

  • WACO Theater’s first time producing a play written by a Black Deaf woman (Natasha Ofili); the first play produced that is about and involves people with disabilities (deaf, cerebral palsy)

  • Became creative with providing access in four different language modalities:

  • American Sign Language

  • Spoken English

  • Closed captions were projected above the stage

  • DeafBlind interpreting

  • Predominantly BIPOC and deaf cast and crew

  • Use of visual projection to display the closed captions and “notes” (created by a deaf video projections designer, Michael Epstein)

  • Over 40 people attended the staged workshop at WACO Theater

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