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Facts about this production:


  • Majority of the cast and crew were Deaf and Hard of Hearing working side by side with our hearing crew.

  • The entire production was accessible for deaf and hearing crew using American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters through ZOOM for the entire production.

  • Cast/Crew were able to successfully communicate with each other by being innovative, patient, and open-minded.

  • Hybrid flex format: half the crew/cast were working virtually and half were in-person

    • Virtually: Director (Deaf), producer (Hearing), Assistant Director (Hearing), and actors (Deaf & Hearing)

    • In-Person: Director of Photography (Hearing), Gaffer (Hearing), Actor (Deaf), Producer (Deaf), Associate Producer (Deaf), Line producer (Deaf), Art director (Deaf), Set photographer (Hearing), HSS Coordinator (Deaf).

Why is this film unique?


The positive group dynamics between hearing and deaf and hard of hearing team members in this production was unique.  The huge win of this production was the organic working connections among the cast and crew, especially the DP and actor. The hearing DP, Cooper Ulrich, and deaf actor, Natasha Ofili, were naturally in sync and found ways to capture beautiful, impulsive moments during the filming.


As a Filmmaker, one of the greatest lessons I’ve learned from producing this film, from preproduction to post production, is that I have to trust myself and trust my stories

Why does the world need this story?


In the entertainment world we live in, we have beautiful stories written by phenomenal film makers.  At the same time, there is a lack of authentic films that have authentic representation on the screen.  There is also a lack of stories and art portraying the from diverse experiences of pain and joy from black deaf women perspectives. This particular film is not about a Black woman who happens to be Deaf. This is about a black woman who suffered some sort of mental illness from a trauma she endured.  Her story is one many can relate to, especially Black Women, Black Deaf Women, Black Trans Women, women of color, and any human being. 

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