Writing and being a storyteller started at a young age, without realizing it will bloom later in her life. There is no timeline on when passion reveals itself.  Natasha writes stories to convey her imagination, experiences, and art.  When Natasha writes stories, her entire being, her soul, is liberated and expressed into words, giving her a sense of joy.  It helps her cope with her depression, interweaving her feelings and experiences to inspire action, change, and feelings.

Her first story was a short play that she wrote, produced, acted and directed, Reflection: What Do You See? in 2018 at the Theatre of Note in Hollywood, CA.  Both shows were sold-out. In June 2020, inspired by the Black Lives Matter protests, Natasha and Storm Smith co-wrote and produced a creative project Am I Next? to spotlight the Black Deaf Community. The short video generated 100,000+ views across various social media platforms.  Natasha is proud to bring the focus to the neglected the Black Deaf Community and start the conversation about supporting the community.

During the silent and isolated 2020 at home while chaos was running rampant, Natasha decided to establish her production company, NIOVISION.  NIOVISION won a grant to produce a work of art.  Natasha took the big leap to write, produce, and act in her first short film, The Multi. She brought together a phenomenal  team and she is full of gratitude to her crew for jumping on board with her. This is just the beginning.

Natasha is known for the work in several TV series which are currently steaming: Ryan Murphy’s The Politician on Netflix where she played Principal Karen Vaughn in 4 episodes and Amazon Originals’ Undone created by Raphael Bob-Waksberg and Kate Pudy where she played a Deaf Teacher in 2 episodes.  In Undone, Natasha is the first Black Deaf Actress is to be seen as an animated character in the show.

Natasha was extremely honored to debut in a Marvel Studios and Insomniac Games video game as the first Black Deaf women to play a character in a video, Hailey Cooper in Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales.