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Being a writer and storyteller started at a young age, not realizing this passion will bloom later in her life. There is no timeline for when passion reveals itself. Writing stories in words and art liberates her soul, creating joy. Storytelling helps Natasha cope with her depression by interweaving her feelings and experiences to inspire action, change, and emotions. Her storytelling is expressed through her writing, actor, and advocate work.




There is a phrase Natasha repeatedly said to herself for many years: hard work does pay off. There were many moments when she wanted to throw in the towel. With the perseverance of commitment and trusting the universe, Natasha took steps to write her first play, The Window. A workshop with Deaf West Theatre in partnership with WACO Theatre Center will take place in Spring 2023. Writing her first play inspired her to write, produce and act in her first short film, The Multi.  It was also shown at the British Film Institute (BFI) during the Busting the Bias event in December 2021.


The Multi is one of her proudest projects. Natasha immensely enjoyed providing the film's creative direction, including the editing, score, and color. Natasha wanted the audience to experience a human connection with characters not seen on the screen: dark-skinned deaf actors. During the 2022 film festival run, 12 film festivals selected The Multi, including Oscars, BAFTA, and Canadian Screener qualifiers such as LA Shorts International Film Festival, British Urban Film Festival, Superfest and the Flickers’ Rhode Island International Festival (semi-finalist).  


She is currently in a writer's room for an untitled show under Starz/WBTV with Ava DuVernay's production company, Array. This untitled show will feature Joshua Jackson (The Affairs, Dawson's Creek, Little Fires Everywhere) and Lauren Ridloff (Eternals and The Walking Dead).


Natasha looks forward to writing and producing more stories and bringing them to life. She has four scripts she is working on and is open to collaboration.

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